We were inspired by the the AirTable data for the current hiring freezes due to COVID-19.

What it does

Our goal was to simply visualize what companies were hiring or not and some additional information that would be helpful. We ran out of time to fully implement the crowd source posting. Our other goals will be included in our future plans for JobCore.

How We built it

Back End: Azure, Digital Ocean, MySQL, Python, Flask

Front End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery

Challenges We ran into

  • The AirTable data is not able to be exported, so we had to create our own database and data from scratch, which was mostly mock data.
  • Azure Server -> Switched to Digital Ocean
  • Git merge conflicts
  • Maintaining a clean environment that everyone can run locally
  • Internet connection issues

What We learned

  • Working with SQL databases
  • Learned working with cloud services
  • Lots of git practice
  • Learned HTML/CSS/JS

What's next for JobCore

  • Implementing submitting company statuses, and new job postings.
  • Implementing ability to search through specific tags for job types
  • A long-term idea having this crowd sourcing job postings in a simple way can help alleviate the unemployment brought up during and after the COVID-19 crisis.
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