What inspired us about this app (jobConnect) is because this app is fast,secure and efficient and also has some cool latest features, user friendly and robust.Candidates looking for a place for internship can as well sign up and get hired.Candidate can get their dream job through this app and employer can also hire brilliant candidate into their organization.

What it does

The main goal of this app is to get job for people in Nigerian's. This app will focus more on allowing employer to sign up,post a job update and set a salary range.Candidate will sign up,upload their CV and get their dream job.Employer will hire internship candidate,Cv writing services,HR outsourcing,pre-employment testing and candidate training is part of what this app will be doing,

How we built it

We built this app with JavaScript and its backend counterpart (nodejs) which we used express.js for server and bootstrap with jquery for the front end framework.This app is revolving round the MVC of Nodejs which make its super.

Challenges faced

Bugs are inevitable in coding, we ran into a lot of issues in building this app. To mention a few, when we set up the schema for the app, we ran into an issues in which the app could not send data into the database when it was tested with Postman. We had to go from StackOverFlow toQuora to name a few, before we were able to fix this issue. Funny enough, we found out that the issue was just because of a comma that was omitted when creating the object in the schema.Another issue was when we were rendering the page to the browser with pug, a lot of issues in that part, but glory to God for the progress we're making. Although right now, we're having a problem deploying with Heroku, the screenshot of the error message the platform is giving me is attached to this story. Once the cloud database is fully done because they are requesting for an update to a payment plan but are trying to manoveur it.users will be able to sign up or log help us God....


Users are now able to sign up and sign in. Candidates can apply for jobs and Employers can also post Job updates.Also i can bodly say our MVP is ready....

What I learned

Jquery UI,The core part of the MVC and the use of mixin with pug.

What's next for jobConnect

The next thing for jobConnect is to become a fully functioning app and go live so that our dream in becoming problem-solvers will come alive by providing jobs to people through it.

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