There is a lot of women in the world who aren't payed the same as their counterparts(men). So we wanted to create a solution that offered several options for women to use in order to understand their jobs a bit more well and also argue/talk with their boss better to increase their salaries.

What it does

We have 3 main features in our app.

Feature #1: Search engine for jobs

Feature #2: Uses a machine learning model to detect whether or not the the cover letter(of the resume) is eligible for your boss to look at. It would also give specific feedback on what keywords to add or remove to make it more appealing.

Feature #3: Using a person's GPA, College prestigiousness, and number of years of experience, we used an machine learning model to predict whether or not the person would end up getting their job.

How we built it

-Used Machine Learning -Used Jupyter -Xcode -Firebase -netbeans

Challenges we ran into

There were quite a few challenges we faced in order to finish our project. A few major challenges we faced were: the search engine, understanding models and how to use them. Also, we were using a coding language that we never used before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A few things that we are proud of is the completion of our project, overcoming most of the challenges; making the algorithms work.

What we learned

As a group we learnt a lot during this Hackathon. We had great exposure to machine learning and Xcode

What's next for JobCompare

Because we offer the 10 most searched-for jobs as of the present, with more time we aim to expand the range of jobs women can reference on the search tab. We also hope to create an algorithm to understand more key factors considered in recruiting after enabling users to submit not only certain statistics and the cover letter, but the resume as well.

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