After the forth year of university degree and as being in the situation of seeking jobs, in our minds a new idea came quickly to us. In fact, we have recently talked a lot about that. Since coronavirus, the trait of effort that you have to put to open your new profesional possibilites has increased so much. So, we came to an idea to keep more in touch business and job hunters.

What it does

Our job hunters will use the mobile application in order to join to different SpeedDatings in any time in the day. They will activate the app, which it will be in background waiting for any call from a job seeker. On the other hand, we implement a system to create the speeddatings in a web application in order to make it more comfortable to enterprises.

How we built it

We have made an Rest API in Go and 2 clients: a native mobile application in Java and a web app using React.

Challenges we ran into

We had several challenges integrating WebRTC technology in our clients in order to make the communications. However, we have enjoyed a lot the experience and we have learnt a lot.

What's next for JobCall

JobCall can have a lot of new features such as a better match making using different approaches but that is only one thing that we thought of JobCall's future.

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