As a job seeker I had a hard time synchronizing all ongoing job applications such that I get the best offer possible and that I feel more on top of the whole process.

What it does

Our vision is of an web app with a sister React Native app which, in tandem, would help job seekers organize their job applications.

How we built it

Web application: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS Mobile application to publish to App Store and Google Play: React Native

Challenges we ran into

Third party limitations: we want to integrate with other job boards such as Linkedin, Glassdoor, etc via their API's. We expect that the information available is limited and also not uniform.

Privacy considerations

  • users will have the option to consent to ads in exchange for more functionality on the platform
  • users will have the option to opt-in for 3rd party integrations (eg: Linkedin, Glassdoor)
  • users will have the option to share information anonymously on offers received

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've identified a real pain point that is solvable and we drafted a prototype of our vision.

What we learned

We've learned of all the tools that Facebook makes available for developers.

What's next for Jobbr

We'd love to bring this idea forward and we had a couple of directions we have explored:

  1. Introducing more task automation by:

    • adding triggers upon which a user is prompted to make updates in the app (eg: after a phone call, upon submitting a job application form in a browser)
    • integrate with the user's calendar to keep track of interviews and document how it went as well as update the application status
  2. Gamification

  3. Recommendation system

  4. Partnerships with companies as well as recruiters in order to increase user base, app exposure and add revenue streams.

  5. Adds for pertaining services such as industry trainings and existing products and services.

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