Jobbie was born from 3 guys sitting at a coffee shop.

It allows users to add new updates on their resume and search for jobs that meet their criteria using a chatbot,

How we built it? With Developers of course!! To break it down, we used API.AI, set the server up through Heroku, and integrated it into Facebook Messenger, Slack, and hoped to also integrate it into Amazon Echo.

The most difficult part was trying to integrate Jobbie into Amazon Echo. This is something we are still working on. API.AI provides integration with Alexa, however the back end processing still must be done with Alexa which we didn not anticipate. We also encountered a few difficulties regarding API.AI's intents and entities linear nature. We would have liked to have been able to branch out in conversation, but at the moment we were only able to provide linear conversations.

We are proud to say that we were able to gain some experience with newer technologies and develop on the forefront of VUI's. The team consisted of only 1 experience developer, the rest having very little to no programming experience. This hackathon has been an inspiration and motivation to us all to learn to code a little more.

AI is technology application that is still evolving. We all have very limited experiences with applying AI into technology so it was fulfilling learning and implementing it to the public.

Jobbie is machine learning. It will continue to learn and branch out to more platforms. Jobbie has plans to integrate into Amazon Echo and Cortana. Some updates that may come sooner than later are the ability to upload resumes, have them parsed, store relevant information that will be used to narrow your job search.

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