Unemployment is a social problem that affects the development in Benin and Africa. To reduce the impact of this problem, we decided to create a mobile application that converges at a point every job opportunity that exists in Benin and Africa. Thanks to this, a job seeker, since his mobile in real time, can see the list of available job vacancies , it can filter job vacancies by category or search from his skills. It can also directly apply for a job by sending since his mobile automatically required files. It can also subscribe to job vacancies and be notified in real time by email, sms and through the application as soon as new job entry has been posted. With jobber, a person looking for a job have the ease of finding it and to apply automatically to it, anyone desiring to recruit staff can access applications files from user and also access to a range of curriculum vitae and can make productive choices according to his expectations. The application system automatically integrates user Dropbox account, Drive account to facilitate to him, downloading and sending required files if these files are saved on these accounts.

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