For the Dreamforce 2013 Hackathon we focused on creating an app which would bring true value to the $124B recruiting technology & services market. Many executive leadership survey’s identify “finding talent” to be one of the top strategic initiatives in their company. Employers, large and small, continue to struggle with effectively matching talent to business needs, and thus negatively impacting the company’s performance and employee retention. Finding the right candidate no longer means simply identifying an individual with all the right keywords on a resume. Now, there is an increase in the importance of finding talent that fit into the organization’s culture.

This is where Jobbel will fill the gap.

By utilizing Salesforce platform we created an app for users to search through companies, discover careers, and submit video responses to questions employers ask. These questions can be quirky to assess how a candidate would fit into the culture, or very industry specific to test whether the user has that specific skill set.

The Salesforce technology that we utilized included Salesforce’s open source mobile SDK as a template for our Application as well as the SFDC Rest Api. We are also utilizing Cordova and Pushwoosh in conjunction with the platform for easy integration with Salesforce to the IOS app. For authenticating login and creating records in Salesforce we utilized Oauth 2. We used web services API for sending data between the device and the org. Finally, we took advantage of chatter by making it trigger notifications to the device.

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