We interpreted the environment to a social environment. Thus, our team found that this pandemic had created a situation where it became had to socialize, but also to find jobs, even though many coders like us would be looking into online work. To combat this, we decided to make JobPortal, an online classifieds platform that allows us to be more self aware, and open to any job postings created by people in our community

What it does

This application allows users to create job postings for others, reply to postings, and lastly is able to give an opportunity for everyone to network with others during these unprecedented times.

How we built it

Using FLASK, we created an multi accessible server for everyone in the community, along with a database coded using sql. This database allows us to save information from posts created by others, which can be then accessed by other users wanting to connect with them.

Challenges we ran into

We had many challenges with working with FLASK, and sql knowing this was our first time even coding using these languages. But what was the most challenging aspect was the fact that this was a virtual hackathon, so communicating with friends real time and helping them with their challenges was a huge problem for us to continue with our goals, but together with tremendous effort, and collaboration, we were able to create a database, and a huge server for the entire community as a way to cope with the hardships, and losses caused by Covid-19.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • created a web server for everyone
  • learned many skills in sql, and flask
  • created an accessible database.

What's next for Job_Portal_StreamHacks

  • making it more user_Friendly, appealing, and adding more functionalities such as linking email, and other google platforms directly.

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