In this pandemic era, many people are losing their jobs as they are not getting proper guidance on what they should know or what skills they should work on for a particular job profile. Also in addition to the same situation, many job seekers are facing problems in figuring out the perfect job according to their skillset.

There is no central platform that can help them to derive some conclusive core skills for the specific role which they should be focusing on which will help them fetch their dream job. Also, the job descriptions would be varying in terms of skills for the same role for different regions. People might be in a state where they are confused after seeing many skills for the same job profile in different regions. These may also include the upcoming new technologies too.

What it does

Summarizes the entered job description in less than 100 words by mentioning the important keywords found in the entered job description.

How we built it

Built a hybrid summarizer(mixture of abstractive and extractive summarization) using spacy and txtai(huggingface transformer). Created a web app using HTML,CSS,JS.

Challenges we ran into

Had problems rendering results asynchronously from Flask to the frontend. Issues with Deployment were a major hurdle due to the dependencies involved.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully built a Hybrid Summarizer which gives nearly precise and accurate results. The Job Summarizer helps anyone to save a lot of time while making job applications without any worries to go through long job descriptions.

What we learned

We explored Asynchronous programming in Flask. Learned more about how the summarization pipeline works.

What's next for Job Summarizer

Scale it for more users to have better market visibility.

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