We were inspired to make virtual reality job simulator after researching the labor shortage in Hamilton. We also know that from our personal experience, it could be difficult for high school students or new immigrants to adapt to the Canadian workforce. The objective of the virtual job simulator is to simulate a common simple job in Hamilton for the player to experience in VR before trying in real life. The VR job simulator would be able to provide work experience as well as teach the players how to perform tasks in relation to their job (for instance, how to use a cash register) through interactive objects. Ideally, this creation would be implemented in community centers to make it accessible for all citizens. Our original idea was to make it in VR and have it operate with the Oculus Rift, but none of our computers were compatible with Oculus. As a result of this, we decided to use Unity to make a first-person 3D game, which can be transferred to VR in the future. We used Unity to create a room and a character, the room was supposed to replicate a restaurant and the player would be trying the job of a waiter. We chose the job of a waiter because of the vast amount of restaurants in Hamilton. Neither one of us had any experience with Unity or C#, Jiayin doesn't have experiences with coding at all, which made it difficult for us to complete our design since we had to learn everything from scratch. We watched many Unity tutorials and read through many forums to assist us with our creation, and although we didn't manage to finish everything we initially wanted to, we still have a presentable final product we're both proud of. In Urban Hacks, we've learned a lot about Oculus, Google Home Mini, Firebase, Unity, C# and game development. As for Job Simulator, our next steps are to integrate it into VR and add a variety of job options, implement character models and animations, and create our own assets

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