Due to COVID-19, unemployment rates have skyrocketed, and finding a job is harder than ever. In addition, local businesses are struggling to stay open. We wanted to give back to our community and find a solution to this problem.

What it does

Job Net connects job seekers to employers based on a number of factors such as skill set, location, and more. It will help alleviate the unemployment crisis by providing the infrastructure for laid-off workers and growing businesses to connect and communicate. Job Net is an online platform that will empower both employees and employers to overcome the circumstances and work for positive economic change.

How we built it

Job Net's website was built using HTML and CSS. We hosted the website online by using Firebase. We also used Firebase's Firestore and Realtime Database in order to store information about each of our users. Firebase has in-built user authentication (and even a two-factor verification system), so we could ensure that our website is perfectly secure. The backend was coded using Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

The time constraint was extremely challenging to work with. We had less than 24 hours to build and deploy a functioning website with several complicated features in addition to developing a business plan for the entrepreneurial portion of the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The one feature we're most proud of is the ability to upload and delete PDFs (users have the option to upload a resume when signing up). Storing files in Firebase is a complicated process and we spent several hours trying to figure it out. It was exhausting, but we didn't give up, and we're glad we didn't.

What we learned

We learned a lot about Firebase. We explored uploading different types of files, user authentication, website deployment, real-time databases, and more. It has many useful features that we're excited to use in future projects.

What's next for Job Net

As a web-based non-profit organization, there is so much ground to be covered. We are currently primarily an American organization, but spreading to other countries will increase our reach and open up more opportunities for our users. By working with many small businesses, we will be able to increase the job pool to sustain a growing platform. Our services could be spread to schools and provide internships or job experience programs. To further our cause we will target low-income areas.

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