What It Does 📚

The Job Board that I created consists of three main features. Firstly, there is the Job landing page. Here, users can see the landing page, Black Remote She partners, and can access both the Log In and Sign Up page for job searchers and companies. The second feature is for the job finder. Once they log in, the user will be able to view the job board. This has a list of opportunities that they can filter through multiple different options. The third and final feature is for the companies. Once they Log In, or create their company account, they will be prompted to the Company Dashboard. This dashboard consists of multiple analytics such as Number of Views, Number of Applications, and Number of People Hired. This dashboard also includes multiple other useful features when companies will be searching for prospective employees.

How I Built It 👩🏻‍💻

The Job Board was constructed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Each planned functionality was carefully thought out and implemented for overall user functionality and ease-of-use.

Challenges I Ran Into ⚙️

The biggest challenge I ran into was lack of time. I had envisioned the website to look a lot different, however due to time constraints there were many smaller features/details that I was unable to include.

Accomplishments That I'm Proud Of 💻

I was able to create a website with many of the functions I had originally envisioned for it to have. Although, I was unable to include a few features like originally planned, I'm still proud of the end product!

What I Learned 💡

I learnt a lot about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There were a lot of features that I had to make, that I hadn't made before such as the job table.

What's next for the Job Board 💖

I hope to add more back end features to the website so that it can become fully useable, which was something I was unable to include due to the hackathon time constraints. Furthermore, there are certain smaller details like changing the icons for the different questions in the company and user sign up forms.

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