The application process usually takes a lot of time and efforts from a candidate. Adapting CV to any new position is often neglected but could play a crucial role in getting that one dream job. We decided to create a platform which helps to modify a candidate's CV depending on a position she/he applies to.

What it does

Pure magic, including:

  1. Fetching data from LinkedIn profile
  2. Upload your dream job requirements
  3. Matching skills in profiles
  4. Compiling motivation letter

How we built it

Using Spacy for NLP in Python. Using Django for Developing Web UI (README in the repository) and Bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

lack of sleep, fatigue, caffeine overdose, etc. + limited access to LinkedIn profiles and job descriptions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

cool idea and presentation

What we learned

  • NLP and regular expressions;
  • how to get access to LinkedIn full-profile data;
  • first name of Bill Gates

What's next for Job Applier

finish NLP skill-recogniser for job description

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