The inspiration was a common statistic, cell phone penetration is up to 84% in Africa and the continent is increasingly digitized. Given the high rates of poverty, we feel that this continent is ripe for the application of technology to societal issues. We wanted to connect job creators with job seekers in areas where person-to-person communication is unlikely but the individuals are within walking distance. Our project is in similar vein to Fiverr, yet is targeted towards unskilled individuals.

What it does

Job postings are currently handled manually through an admin backend. Job applicants can sign in with manually created accounts, which are created by the site admin. Once they sign in, they have access to a complete job bank, and can quickly apply by filling out a form. This sends the data to a backend, where the admins can pass info on to employers. The high emphasis on the admins is to prevent spamming and fraudulent job offers and applicants on our site.

How we built it

The app was built with a Django backend and React frontend.

What we learned

Frankly, we learned most of Django while writing this app. In general principle, we learned to not enter a hackathon with an unfamiliar language or technology.

Team: Affan Khan Ammar Faridi Shrinjay Mukherjee Zafir Raeid

For our SET.Hacks project we are focusing on the Basic Human Needs category, specifically the “Zero Hunger” and “No poverty” SDG’s. We are also focusing on the Industry category, with a focus on the “Decent Work and Economic Growth”.We would like to opt in to the following prizes: “Basic Human Needs”, “Industry”, and the mobile app prize.

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