C.S teachers use PowerPoints to lecture, and usually post blocks of code appear and we have to copy test them in IDES. We wanted note-taking method that would allow us to write and to test code in the same application.

What it does

It's an HTML editor that allows the user to create, save, and open HTML documents. Then allows them to add text and write notes, and to select text to run as Java code.

How we built it

We used JavaFX's inbuilt HTMLEditor, and used Beanshell to add the "Run Code" functionality.

Challenges we ran into

Finding the right library to allow the "Run Code" functionality was difficult. We also had some problems with pulling and pushing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to use the editor with Powerpoints in HTML format. It makes note-taking much more convenient.

What we learned

Read all Java documentation from libraries closely. Be careful about committing and pushing conflicts. Also. Beans are great!

What's next for JNotes

Make the U.I cleaner and better-looking. Add a function to directly select a Powerpoint in file opener and have it convert to HTML in JNotes.

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