Jive was inspired by apps like Meetup, where people set up and sign up for events, as well see what's going on in their area. Jive focuses on college campuses and college-sponsored events, listing on-campus events for students, faculty, and staff to be entertained, challenged, and taught.

What it does

Jive is an Android app which displays events going on around campus. Users can view various activities in a list and sign up for events. Events that have been signed up for show up on the User's attending tab.

How we built it

Jive asks a Node.JS backend for a list of events going on in the user's area, specifically their college campus. The information is stored on a Heroku cloud server, in a database powered by PostgreSQL. The app receives information in JSON format via get requests to the server.

Challenges we ran into

We originally tried using Microsoft Azure to set up the database, but it proved to be very unwieldy and we lost almost six hours trying to set it up. We also had difficulty setting up the "Attending" events page because of data loss issues related to Android's Fragment managers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building a comprehensive API for our database.
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Design of the App

What we learned

  • Google Maps API
  • How complicated Microsoft Azure's API is
  • Integrating get requests with Android

What's next for Jive

  • Further improvement of UI
  • Multiple bugfixes
  • Allow users to create their own events
  • Expansion into other colleges
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