We were inspired by a meme we saw during chemistry class that depicted a squirrel with its arms in the air captioned, "Interpretive Dance".

What it does

The application is an IOS app, that uses the core motion framework to allow for a ball on the screen to be rolled around by tilting the phone. The goal of the game is to make the ball follow a highlighted path.

How we built it

Using the phone's accelerometer, we determined the components of gravity acting on the phone, and extended that to the motion of the ball.

Challenges we ran into

Our initial idea was to create an app that tracks the iPhone using the accelerometer and gyroscope. This app would guide the user to move in such a way as to simulate dancing. It proved to be very difficult to track the location of the phone in 3D space, so we ended up using the accelerometer reading to make a ball roll on the screen. The idea of the ball following the a line on the screen remained, just without the simulation of dancing. Of course, nothing is preventing the user from dancing while playing the game...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In working on this project we created a level interface that makes level selection very smooth and easy on both the front and back end. However, we were not able to fully utilize it, nor create all the levels we desired.

What we learned

We improved our skills in swift and learned a lot of Linear Algebra during our initial attempt to create a dancing game.

What's next for Jitterbug

We hope to work out the formulas that the dancing portion of the game requires.

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