Jirga is inspired by a Pashtun tradition of holding meetings and assemblies for the discussion of important issues. But Jirga, the new mobile friendly way to poll your friends, you can get help deciding anything from where to eat and what to wear to what courses to take and more. Public Jirgas and private Jirgas are available depending on what needs to be decided. The possibilities are limitless: want to create consensus within a group? Pick the brains of likeminded people? Jirga can do all of these things in a fast and simple way.

What makes Jirga special is the ability for feedback that leads to intelligent reccomendations, or what we like to think of as wisdom. Have you ever had friends that offer consistently great advice? Imagine them all together in one place, acting as counsel for you. That's the power of Jirga! When a user asks a question, the ability to provide feedback is crucial. Would it be a good idea to take a course with a given professor? Or to jump off your roof into your pool and put it on Youtube? However these decisions turn out, you can give feedback to Jirga by choosing the vote that was right after you have gained the knowledge of hindsight. When you do so, Jirga will adjust the ranking of your friends to reflect who reccommended the right choice to you. For future questions, Jirga takes all of these past vote and feedback pairs into account and delivers a weighted reccomendation of what vote seems the best. The details may be complicated but Jirga isn't. Create a profile, invite your friends, and start asking each other about the things that matter in your life. Thanks to the Jirga team, Steelhacks team, and the Steelhacks sponsors for making this possible!

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