There are more typical actions repetitives in the usual day of every JIRA Administrator ( of BIG JIRAs)

What it does

Automatize actions in the "Admin" pages of JIRA. This plugin / addon adds the magik button "SUAJ!" to all the "Admin" pages, when the button is pressed the "magik" appear, like a "predictive searcher" of IssueTypes, CustomFields, a typical code to set a countdown for maintenance in the Announcement banner, automatize the association of fields with tab of screens, etc.

How we built it

With Javascript and Tampermonkey. And Then installled like a plugin with the JIRA SDK for Server addons

Challenges we ran into

Different versions of JIRA and "tag" changes between JIRA 6 and JIRA 7. Different browsers...

What's next for Jirasupport Admin Tools

More automatizations and more magik SUAJ! and more browsers supported ( now only Google Chrome browsers are supported)


You only need to click in the "Cog icon" and select "Jirasupport [SUAJ]!" option. Then install in your Chrome Browser the extension to allow the button in all the adminstration screens ( plugin in Atlassian Marketplace under approval)

Built With

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posted an update

This Jirasupport Admin Tools plugin is a platform with a set of tools that will surely make JIRA Admin's life easier. I am sure JIRA Admins will benefit form the functionality available at present that is probably going to grow in the near future.

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