We wanted to streamline the support processes in our company (we are the add-ons developer for Atlassian marketplace). And wanted to make it organically integrated into other internal processes our company has (using JIRA for tasks management and for everything else), reduce copy & pasting, make it easy to follow and track.

What it does

The add-on we have developed allows you to design a web form and map it to any JIRA project you have, any JIRA issue type and any fields your project may have. And make this form easy to integrate into any website and even easier when used from Atlassian Confluence.

How we built it

We have already built a number of add-ons for JIRA Cloud and really love the Atlassian platform. So, we leveraged the experience we had so far with previous add-ons, but used Atlassian SprintBoot this time (it is just awesome!).

Challenges we ran into

Business as usual :-), as this was not our first add-on

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have built it in-time and much faster than our previous add-ons (kudos to Atlassian Team for providing the Atlassian Connect Spring Boot framework)

What we learned

We are still learning :-)

What's next for Jirassimo Intake Forms for JIRA

Looking for the feedback from our first customers and we will see what's next. We use _ customer driven _ approach in our development and when creating a roadmap for the product. So, we will listen carefully and make Jirassimo Intake Forms even more awesome over time

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