Jirami! Real-time Retrospective

Complex projects and large teams can cause a lot of stress. Increasing workload and complexity make it difficult to see the actual progress and team members communicate problems too late. All of this causes frustration and stress, which can lead to delays and even burnouts.

During the Atlassian Codegeist Hackathon 2020 we used Atlassian’s powerful Connect framework to develop Jirami: Realtime Retrospective. An app that gives insight into project status, promotes communication and brings people together as a team in a playful way.

Welcome to Jirami, an unexplored island that houses marvelous wonders but also great perils! Exploring this island will be no easy task but uncovering its secrets will be worth it! Will your team take up the adventure to form an exploration party and map the entire island?

Jirami provides insight into the project’s status, challenges of individual team members and their vitality. Using the fast and easy Atlassian Connect Express, each chosen sprint progress is visualized by a route across the island with the points of interest representing user stories and issues. Discover unexplored areas by completing user stories and issues but don’t fall behind on the tour guide!

Jirami connects team members and makes working together the main focus. Create a quest to let your team members know you need help. Quests immediately show up in the Jira board and on the Jirami Island.

Jirami promotes communication and an open environment by letting team members give an impression of their mood each day. Team members can communicate their mood during the day by assigning a grade to how they feel, picking a representative emoji and writing a short description. This is a conversation starter for addressing problems.

To give the team something to work towards and further strengthen cooperation, Jirami offers the option to set goals and rewards. For example, the scrum master will bring cake or karaoke for the whole team if a goal is reached. Jirami uses story points from issues in a Jira board to create a score. This score can be used to set goals for teams to reach. When the amount of user stories in the Jira board is completed, the goal is reached, and the reward can be claimed.

Exercise and vitality are important aspects of a healthy and stress-free work environment. This is why Jirami can be linked to Google Fit, to integrate real-time health data into the project status. Team members fill up a health bar during the day by doing at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise, as recommended by the World Health Organization.

To motivate the team even more, team members can unlock badges for achievements. These can be for example: helping a lot of team members by solving quests, earn the most points in a sprint or building up a streak of exercising days. Each new sprint the scoreboard resets and there is a new chance to be a winner.

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