The inspiration for this was having multiple ways of getting support tickets on a support teams Jira. Whatsapp is an application that is used by over 2 billion people worldwide and is quite instrumental for business in a lot of countries such as India, Brazil and lots of countries in Africa including Zambia (where I live).

What it does

This application allows an IT team to receive support messages from their WhatsApp for business account directly into a Jira project. This project uses Whatsapp cloud api to connect to a Jira forge application. When a customer sends a support request to an organisation's WhatsApp business line a web trigger automatically creates a task in a Jira project that a team can assign to anyone on the support team.

How we built it

I built this application with Forge for Jira, using a web trigger to be used as a callback URL. And triggers to monitor when an issue has been completed. For the WhatsApp side I used Whatsapp cloud api to create a WhatsApp support chatbot.

I recorded a few videos going over the course of the hackathon but unfortunately I did not record one every week.

Weeks 1 and 2

I started by trying to create a confluence application with GPT3 but had to put that idea on the back burner when I got the idea for the WhatsApp support bot.

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or watch it on loom

Week 3

Week 3

or watch it on loom

Challenges we ran into

I faced a few challenges creating this application:

  • Some documentation was not very clear. For example I needed a way to get the issue types without sending a request for them because I need to automatically create issues.
  • Time, as usual life gets in the way so I did not complete all the features I wanted to get done.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm quite proud of creating a Minimum Viable Product that I believe can be used.

Other accomplishments I'm proud of:

  • Learned forge for jira
  • Figured out web triggers to create a chatbot
  • learned WhatsApp cloud api

What we learned

In addition to what I'm proud of I learned a couple of things:

  • Forge for Jira
  • Learned how to create webtrigger applications in Jira
  • Learned WhatsApp cloud api

What's next for Jira Whatsapp Cloud

My next steps are to first polish up this MVP.

  1. I have a trigger that is called every time an issue is updated and I would like to send an update message to the customer when an issue has been marked as completed.
  2. I would like to create a whole custom UI page that will list all messages received by the organisation and then an admin can look through them and pick which ones will become issues to be resolved.
  3. Polish up the app page and publish it to the Atlassian store.

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