One of the nightmares for any developer is support request like "Save form doesn't work!".

I mean, what form are you talking about - whats url of that form? What do you mean by "doesn't work" - is it not saved OR did you get some error? If you got error - is it client side OR server side? If its client side - what did you do in order to get that error? If that's server side - what's your login, so I can check logs? When did you get that error?

Its tough to explain importance of context info for support requests to client OR boss. Usually you got answers like "Ugh... sorry, I am on meeting now, cant talk. Can you just fix that form?"

So it would be great to get all context info collected automatically, for example, via widget which is accessible on all pages for logged in users.

Another nightmare - hundreds or even thousands of open issues in backlog. In one of my project I had open issues from 2013 (ugh.. why did I say that?). So it would be great if we will be able to get feedback from our website users - whats important for them?

One more tricky part - organize effective feedback. Users love live chat's, but handling live chat sessions could take enormous amount of time. From the other side it would be nice to be able to discuss some issue with users in "chat mode". In other words - it would be nice to have ability to combine "Issue based support style" with instant messages in some kind of "issues with real-time live chat comments"

What it does

This plugin provide ability to put simple javascript code on any website and got nice widget, which allow to submit requests to Jira - with page url, screenshot, console logs, logged in user details, link to browser session replay on Also user can get details about his previous issues and vote/downvote for some issues.

Jira users can answer to widget user by adding comment with "plugin user metion" (@JiraSupportFacade).

Widget show selected issue comments in real-time using websockets and give widget user ability to comment issue instantly.

Request page is reloaded instantly as well when new comment added, existing comment updated or some comment removed.

How I built it

I used php/symfony for backend and Reactjs for frontend.

Challenges I ran into

Lack of time. I tried to find some time after regular work, but it wasn't an easy task.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I actually did it! I have an ideas for couple Jira plugins since 2015, so I am glad, that I finally did first step.

What I learned

"No time" is bad excuse. Keep moving and you will achive your goals.

What's next for Jira Support Facade

  • ability to view developer's comments from jira and answer them directly from widget
  • notifications about status changes and new comments
  • few other skins
  • support for not logged in users

Demo video

Built With

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