JIRA UI has some weird ux flows, but mostly it gets overly complex because of all the settings and filters everyone has setup. I just wanted my own little setup that was easy to use and didn't require navigating a UI, so I built something for the terminal.

What it does

It does most of the things you normally do in the JIRA UI, only faster and easier because it's just typing, like any terminal tool. Saving time and browser tabs ;)

How I built it

At first I started building it for myself and quickly realized that it would be beneficial for others too, so I cleaned it up and got it on NPM as a shared public package. It quickly started getting downloads and interest from others to add some features (only 2 collaborators so far but I anticipate more).

Challenges I ran into

JIRA is all about configurability. So many settings, it can be tough to make a "one size fits all" tool, but so far jira pal is highly configurable as well and the aim is to keep it that way. It can take a few tries to get the right setup prepared, but once you've got it, jira pal turns into jira's best friend (or your best friend, depending on how you look at it).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Code is organized and easy to add onto. It was built fairly quick and is still in it's early days, but I think I've got it setup so that it's trivial for contributors to add features.

What I learned

More tools needs terminal access :) And a few things along the way about NPM packages, and mac package manager conflicts with native ones like NPM. (TLDR: homebrew and NPM aren't very good friends)

What's next for JIRA Pal

More functionality, I've got a list of enhancements on github that I'm planning, but feedback is always welcome. It does a lot as it sits, and is quite useful for me and my colleagues.


Everything about installation and usage is described on github and NPM in the README. Check github for the latest README with tips and instructions:

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