Often in open source projects, the developers are from various demographies and hence might be comfortable in their native language. Several times in various communities, bug trackers, etc., users post in their native language and it is often difficult to even figure out the language being used by the developers. This will solve this problem and will also help to further use this information to extend to more functionalities like translation, etc.

What it does

Language Identification app automatically detects the language of texts in the JIRA ticket. Identifies the language of any text, from a list of more than 160 languages. It's based on the franc library, which bases the language detection process on N-grams. It supports different scripts and provides the language results using the ISO639 standard (both for two and three characters).

Example for English: Example for Spanish:

How I built it

Using Forge-UI and API

Challenges I ran into

Getting started with Forge.

What I learned


What's next for JIRA Language Identification

Integration with more apps that can build on top of it. Same feature for Confluence.

Built With

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