Creating and updating JIRA tickets during sprint planning is a manual and tedious process. Why not have Alexa manage your board during the meeting instead of a PM?

What it does

Create stories and bugs with given title Set priority Move tickets to current sprint Change swim lane status of issues Read out ticket information even if it’s written in another language!

How we built it

We have a lambda written in node.js that connects to the Alexa Skill that takes in all the various intents. This then connects to another lambda written in python that calls the Jira API and returns any response back.

Challenges we ran into

We tried to accomplish a lot in a very short time frame. Although a couple of us have fooled around a bit with Alexa, none of us have much experience. Also, Wifi was troublesome. Alexa's lack of freeform text. Echosim was having problems. Wanted to integrate with AWS new translation api, but it was in private beta.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create quite a full featured product in a very short time.

What we learned

We learned about intents and slots with alexa skills. Memory settings for lambdas.

What's next for Jira Jabber

State management through DynamoDB Expanding feature set for more actions. Interactive creates and updates for tickets.

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