The major inspiration is recent enhancements in Gmail app. Whenever I try to write something Gmail gives instant and apt suggestions. I type a lot in Jira when compared to Gmail. Though there are existing voice to text plugins already available, I feel it is better give auto smart complete feature to save time of user.

What it does

It gives you a feasibility to auto complete the text without typing every character of what they think. The suggestions can be personalized as per the role of user, for example suggestions should be varied from QA to Dev etc. User can load the personal dictionary words, features of their product etc to assist them while writing.

How we built it

Though my solution is not ready yet, My existing plan is to have a auto smart complete api in backend which well process the data and gives us an output which can be rendered on the UI as a hint to the user. User can actually enter the suggested text by giving a tab.

Challenges we ran into:

I did not find any api or library which suits my requirement aptly. Because I did not know anything about docker and developing an application using react and native etc., At first it is somewhat difficult to cope up with new languages and syntax.

Accomplishments that we're proud of.

The accomplishment I am proud is, by the time I came to know about this Hackathon there is a small window of time, with in short span of time I came with an idea which is not already there in Jira marketplace and explored about my idea, later did installations etc.

What we learned

I have learned what is Forge and its capabilities, what can a developer do to leverage existing Jira and confluence pages. Docker is also a new thing I haver learned.

What's next for Jira Issue Smart Complete

Completing the feature with proper usecases make it is a MLP most lovable product.

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