While exploring Forge, we thought of creating issue reporting for end user. When working on an issue, end user might be interested to generate quick reporting based on its linked issues and sub-task.

This will help in visualisation of an issue's progress, especially when work is split up into different issues across projects.

What it does

Based on the user's defined list of issue type(s), issue link type(s) and number field, a chart will show the issue's progress for the number field across all relevant issues.

How I built it

Forge, JIRA, Node.js


By using Atlassian Forge, it is easy to create apps on Jira Cloud without having to host any servers. This allows developers to experiment with new ideas and do quick demos.

But as Forge API is still under development, some functionality are not available. e.g. onChange, CSS, Text format, form validation, Issue Tab Panel etc.

Hopefully as more developers onboard and try out Forge, the API will have more features available.

What's next for Issue Progress for Jira

Linked Issue reporting by extending to other chart types like pie chart, bar graphs, line chart, roadmaps etc. The charting can also be based on other field types like date, selection etc.

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