The inspiration was taken from various loading screens (from PC games, Slack, etc.). Why not to read some smart and intelligent thought from historical or famous persons when you waiting your app to load? So, take a break and enjoy smart quotes on your dashboard.

What it does

It currently works as a gadget on dashboard and shows a random quote from famous people each configured period.

How I built it

I used my favorite IDE - IntellijIdea 2017.1, Java 1.7, Maven and Atlassian SDK as a build tools, a few of JavaScript.. And that's it! We have a plugin for cup!

Challenges I ran into

Collecting quotes, marking and classifying them, designing quotes generation per user. Some UI/UX/Layout issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A working yet simple plugin in a short deadline for JIRA Server.

What I learned

Now I know many smart and witty thoughts.

What's next for Jira Daily Quotes

More contexts to show you daily quotes: issue side panel, issue tab, accurate and fancy message pop-ups. More filters to show limited groups of quotes. Dismissing quotes you do not like. Adding most awesome quotes to personal favorites. Treat it as like/dislike.

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