Django Android Python 3.6

A Recommendation Engine for Jio's IP-TV based platform


This recommendation engine aims to provide the following capabilities to Jio's IP-TV users:

  • Recommendations tailored specific to Indian taste and content produced by India specific broadcasters.
  • Innovative Interfacing between user’s phone and the TV set.
  • Uniquely compiles and delivers the results to one’s phone, WITHOUT changing traditional user experience.


Note: The android app resides as a submodule in android folder, you may open it in Android Studio and compile the APK. Remember to change the server address to point to your development server at com.hackathon.iitb.model.server Also, change the username and password or keep them same on the development server.


  • Python 3.6 runtime
  • Pipenv for dependency management


  • Install python in your environment(pre-installed on Ubuntu).
  • Navigate to the repository. cd <project_directory_name> # jiorec
  • Create a new virtual environment, install other dependencies and activate environment. pipenv install pipenv venv
  • Copy .env.example to .env cp .env.example .env
  • Change to src directory cd src
  • Make database migrations python makemigrations python migrate
  • Create a superuser python createsuperuser
  • Run development server on localhost python runserver

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