Many of us use Facebook Messenger everyday, and we constantly ask the same question in the group chats: "who's down for Chipotle at 1 pm?" After a few memes and rants, that important food message is now buried in the past. There must be an easier, more integrated way to connect a group of friends irl. Hence we created JimBot.

What it does


Users can create arbitrary groups, and friends can join groups.


A group of people can create meet events. JimBot automatically sends event RSVP to all members of the group. Once the party size threshold is crossed, SMS is sent to all group members, notifying everyone that the event is ready to go.

Trip Planning

JimBot can automatically generate plane itineraries for any arbitrary location in the world.

Landmark Image Based Trip Planning

Don't know what something is called? Simply upload an image of a landmark, and JimBot can identify the location, and plan the trip for you!


Of course, as a Facebook Messenger bot, JimBot can make other utility responses, like cat GIFs!

How we built it

The backbone of our project is Facebook Messenger API platform. The whole project is written in Node.js. Amadeus is our main source of travel information. Google Map GeoCoding API is used to identify the location of queries. Twilio and RapidAPI augments JimBot with other features like real-time SMS notification and cats~

Challenges we ran into

Time is too short to add more features. It takes awhile to set up the bot framework with database and all.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Pretty UI. Computer vision on landmark images performs relatively well.

What we learned

Nest callbacks in Javascript. Always.

What's next for JimBot

Add more features like trip sharing and online ticket purchasing.

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