Being that it's still the first month of the new year, we've already noticed that many people already broke their New Year's resolutions to go to the gym and exercise more. With both of us having very active lifestyles, we began to notice that many new-comers to the gym did not have the knowledge to efficiently and effectively plan their workouts. That is why we created Jim, the quick and easy workout assistant!

What it does

Jim is a personal workout assistant that can work on any Amazon Echo device.

After calling for Alexa, you can simply "ask Jim what my workout is" and a personalized weight training program will be tailored for previously specified targeted body area.

Other terms like "what is my workout," "tell me my workout," and "can you give me a workout" will get Jim planning right away.

Exercises are categorized by body area (ie. legs, chest, back) and there is an internal list containing said exercises.

How we built it

The Amazon Alexa skill was built first through the Amazon Developer Console to initialize and configure the skill. Further refining and the core of functionality was built in AWS Lambda. There the function code was written in JavaScript utilizing Node.js framework and the Alexa Skills Kit.

Challenges we ran into

The entire Amazon Web Services were completely new to us. A recurring issue would be finding where within the wide AWS ecosystem we needed to be in to build the skill. Luckily Amazon has a huge range of develop documents to guide us.

Another issue our team faced was programming the skill in JavaScript being that we had no prior experience at all with the language.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of completing a functioning product.

What we learned

We definitely learn so much about the deep AWS ecosystem and all that they have to offer. We also learned a lot of JavaScript.

What's next for Jim the Workout Assistant

With Alexa growing with the increasing sales of Amazon Echo devices, the service itself will be more refined. We hope to take advantage of this and expand on the skill, making it a full forced personal trainer.

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