Jim Gym : your training buddy


This is a training chatbot inspired by this one : https://gymbot.io/.The idea was to have a chatbot that can simplify the data collection for my training.My idea was to creat a chatbot to monitor my own training and get access to the data that i can used to make my own analytics (cross these data with smart balance and strava sessions).

This is the answer to a data acquisition problem.

What it does

  • Collect your exercices (easiest way than gym bot with a quick reply and a analysis of the past data)
  • Give you some challenge

How I built it

I used a flask api that I deploy on a AWS lambda (I used zappa to deploy the api).I used lex to make some quick keywords detection to start or stop a session. Lex is not use efficiently but for the first part I don't need it.

Challenges I ran into

Working in sprint mode (last 4 days)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working bot that i can use

What I learned

Bad idea to start 4 days before the deadline

What's next for Jim Gym

  • Try to improve it , make a nice UI (use giphy emoji for example).
  • Connect to third parties api (like strava or withings)
  • Make analysis on the data
  • Add lex to better understand the user (select your challenge on specific time range for example)
  • Maybe try to deploy a production version
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