SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities


In the present day scenario, many times we see that the garbage bins or Dust bin are placed at public places in the cities are overflowing due to increase in the waste every day. It creates unhygienic condition for the people and creates bad smell around the surroundings this leads in spreading some deadly diseases & illness, to avoid such a situation we are planning to design "Smart waste Management System using IoT'. In this System there are multiple dustbins located throughout the city or the sanitary pads containers, these dustbins are provided with low cost embedded device which helps in tracking the level of the garbage bins and an unique ID will be provided for every dustbin in the city so that it is easy to identify which garbage bin is full. When the level reaches the threshold limit, the device will transmit the level along with the unique ID provided. These details can be accessed by the concerned authorities from their place with the help of Internet and an immediate action can be made to dean the dustbins.

What it does

An application is built to show the status to the user monitoring it. Toe application gives a view of the garbage bins and highlights the garbage collected in colour in order to show the level of garbage collected. Thus, this system helps to keep the city clean by informing about the garbage levels of the bins by providing in large of the bins via IOT application development platform. The authorized person receives the indication of garbage dustbin is full through the application and then infom1 the concerned person who is responsible for the collection of garbage where the garbage bin is fill in particular areas. The data get stored in the database created and than the data is retrieve In Io T applied to external and public environments, communication is important for service provisioning. In particular, since this type of IoT has a wide service domain, reliable communication is necessary for devices to communicate with each other. Therefore, the SGBs utilized in the proposed system communicate with each other based on a wireless mesh network , securing communication reliability. Io T devices in an external environment may need to move on occasion. With a battery-based power supply, the mobility of the proposed system is secured. In IoT with service domain, data exchanges and services should be conducted seamlessly at any time and any location. User convenience has been enhanced with the advent of IoT.

How we built it

This project Smart Waste Management using IOT is a very innovative system which will help to keep the cities clean. This system monitors the garbage bins and informs about the level of garbage collected in the garbage bins via a mobile application. For this the system uses ultrasonic sensors placed over the bins to detect the garbage level and compare it with the garbage bins depth. The system makes use of Raspberry Pi for sending data. The system is powered by a 12V power supply.

Challenges we ran into

Cost of Construction of a working demo

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Highly recommendation and recognition to our timely innovation from my circles

What we learned

That Our system could save a lot of money spent by county governments by 23%

What's next for Jiji Safi

We shall implement real time waste management system by using smart dustbins to check the fill level of smart dustbins whether the dustbin are full or not. In this system the information of all smart dustbins can be accessed from Anywhere and anytime by the concerned person and he/she can take a decision accordingly. By implementing this proposed system the cost reduction, resource optimization. effective usage of smart dustbins can be done. This system indirectly reducing traffic in the city. In major cities the garbage collection vehicle visit the area's everyday twice or twice depends on the population of the particular area and sometimes these dustbins may not be full. Our System will inform the status of each and every dust bin in real time so that the concerned authority can send the garbage collection vehicle only when the dustbin is full. The scope for the future work is this system can be implemented with time stamp in which real-time clock shown to the concerned person at what tune dustbin is full and at what time the waste is collected from the smart dustbins.

Built With

  • raspberry-pi-c++-node.js-node-red
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