Looking around in the world, we see a large amount of passionate students and enthusiasts keen to learn more about the latest technologies and discipline. Case studies has shown that 1 out of 2 students always find himself in a dilemma of “WHAT TO DO NEXT?” after selecting their field of study. Similarly, not to talk of students, everyone of us needs a clear picture of roadmap to follow before starting off with anything, but at the end, we are left with all of those youtube speakers saying nothing for 10-20 minutes, long essay type blogs and articles, most of them are not even relatable and we follow the roadmap as far as the tab remains open in our browser.

What it does

To cater all of the above problems, we have been working for past many days to device a solution to not only make the things work out, but to design the interface such that user finds familiarity with it. Our solution provides our audience with a platform to create roadmaps, add slots within their roadmaps, share it and follow others work. You can also fork other peoples roadmaps and change it as per your convenience.

We are providing enterprises and companies with a facility of Premium Roadmaps to set up purchase amount for the roadmap, this can help them to post their courses and gain revenue from it. Next to provide an intuitive UI for the website, we are using vertical timelines to show all the roadmaps, you can see all of your followed roadmaps at once, or filter some combinations of them. To get an insight about how well your roadmap is doing, we have also added the infographics of line chart to give user an overview of each slots performance.

We are trying to apply the Market Basket analysis on the dataset of roadmaps collected to give our users more insights about what their followers are doing taking interests in. Applying the data analysis strategies, we will be ranking all the roadmaps on the basis of their clicks and likes.

How I built it

We firstly went through the different techniques to brainstorm for the idea, hence concluded with this one which helps a larger developers community. We designed all of the software requierments for our audience, and developed the userflow keeping the strategic ideology of our users in mind. Then, we went throught the collaborative stages of developing the user interface on the high-fidelity prototyping tool of FIGMA. We kept the basis of the designs on the grounds of Jigsaw Puzzle in which we are just attaching pieces to one another and getting an abstracted imagery as a result. This also helped us to make the design more user friendly.

Finally we came to the developing stage of the solution. To work with the front-end of the design, we preferred to use Next.js, is an open-source React front-end development web framework to cater the server-side rendering. To go with the ML model, we preferred to use Python hence, we uploaded a jupyter notebook for the model. The back-end was done in spring boot with POSTGRESQL for DBMS.

How NWHacks Helped

NWhacks helped us with a platform to not only socialize with the people but also to collaborate with them on projects. Individually we don't own that much of valuable skills, but as a team we make up a strategy worthy of building such a big solution in mere 24 hours. Moreover, NWHacks provided us with all the resources and workshops which literally helped us not even in APIs application but using git to for version controlling. People might say what you can learn in 24 hours, after attending this hackathon, I can claim the importance of Hackathons in learning.

Challenges I ran into

Since we came up with this idea, we are looking for other competitors working in the same field and we found that is also providing the visuals of a roadmap for the betterment of developer community. Now the biggest challenge of us was to run them out and overtake them with better intuitive designs as well as more services. So we managed to bring the idea of Jigsaw Pieces to the project which provides the user with well known jigsaw idea of attaching with one another, this helped us to overtake them in user-friendly interface. Secondly we expanded our services and also managed to provide the facility of making, forking and following a roadmap in our solution.

Moreover we all were to new the data analyst and Machine learning models field of stufy, so we took our time to learn about it prior to the hackathon and managed to design an Apriori Algorithm for our Market basket Analysis. Finally to use any Groundswell technology, we decided to use Heroku for deploying our solution.


#social_for_good Every solution can not only help all the developers save their time looking for the right roadmaps, but will also help them in manage all at once. Moreover since we are also providing with the features of Apriori Algorithm of Machine learning integrated into this, people trying to get to know about their audience can also get help from this platform. The impact this solution is creating, is not only limited to the education purposes, everyone like the chef Arthur in the video can help connect to their audience more specifically. Secondly, the authors writing our the best roadmaps of all time will get sponsored by other companies to add their events or their services into their roadmap. This can help the authors to earn through these roadmaps same as that of the premium users.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We as a team are proud to build a solution our community was striving for for a long time. We see thousands of people wandering for getting a good roadmap and insight of the field they chose, a course they want to follow or a strategy they need to adapt. We accomplished a solution that helps not even developers, but everyone. For example take the example of Kevin, Martha and Arthur in the video. How they got rid of their problems by using our tool.

What's next for JigMap

Since we have created a mockup of the complete website with currently no user active. Our first target will be to make it a versatile working website with all functionalities for the users. Linking the machine learning models with the website will be our next priority, as we want to make our Apriori Algorithm more accurate and stronger not even suggesting costumers more roadmaps, but also giving authors more insights into what their followers are seeing. Finally, we will be working many cooperations and companies to launch their courses on our website, and hiring campus ambassadors to work with us and post roadmaps for the disciplines in their university. This idea of us has a long way to go, not just in developers community but general public too.

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