We were trying to find place to eat out around us and since there were so many of us we had to make a poll separately. It would be nice, if it is all in one app.

What it does

Find a place to eat near your location, and you can send invitation to vote to your friends.

How I built it

With nativescript, and generate both android and ios codes. We worked in group of 4 and use github to collaborate.

Challenges I ran into

We had to learn nativescript (and javascript actually). A lot problems with dependencies. Couldn't get maps and many plugin to work. We didn't understand how to link mobile app with database and server. Problem with emulator.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

make our first app. And it is native cross-platform

What I learned

making app is tedious, and so many things with the dependencies. It's cool though

What's next for jigglybyte_dandyhack16

finish this app.

Built With

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