Students in the university are always out of cash few weeks after resumption. This was the case to us too when my team members and I were students. It was a big problem, not just to us but others because of inability to budget and set aside money for feeding. So we decided to solve this problem not just for students but for employees who have challenges budgeting for their lunch. Play Store Link:

What it does

Jiggle makes it possible for you to budget, create and fund your Fixed or Flexible wallet and patronise accredited vendors.

Fixed Plan or Wallet

Fixed Plan allows you spend based on budget even though you have more in your wallet. Fixed Plan or wallet allows you budget and set aside money to be spent based on that budget. Meaning if a plate/ration of the meal you normally take from your favourite eatery is N1,000 and you want to be eating lunch and dinner only which is N2,000.00 daily, you can create a Fixed Plan with the number of meals per day and how much you want to fund that wallet with. If you fund the wallet with N5,000.00, the maximum amount you can spend from that wallet is N2,000 daily even though you have N5,000.00

Flexible Plan or Wallet

Flexible Plan allows you spend as you wish, meaning if you have N5,000.00 in your wallet, you can also spend everything at once.

How we built it

We carried out needs assessment and survey to learn from students and vendors on how best we can solve this problem. The app is built on Android Platform with a web dashboard as back office. We built the vendors module first before the feature that enable users pay vendors from their wallet. When on-boarding vendors, we needed their verified personal and Bank Account information so we can automatically payout accordingly. So access to BVN verification API is a big deal for us.

Challenges we ran into

Ability to have access to verified financial information APIs like BVN verification during KYC phase of on-boarding vendors

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have over 100 downloads and daily income from customers.

What we learned

Some vendors are still afraid of trading online

What's next for Jiggle

Expand to other Nigerian cities

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