Jigger with it!

yes. jigger. it's a verb. look it up.

I'll wait right here.

Okay! Here's what it does:

  • Give it a URL!
  • Get back an editable version of the website at that URL!
  • Click! Type! Squee!
  • Refresh the page, and your changes persist, thanks to the power of LocalStorage!

Here's what it WOULD EVENTUALLY do:

  • Save a diff of the website!
  • Provide a backend interface so webmasters or consultants can see what changes their clients want to make to their webpages, and accept and integrate those changes in a matter of clicks!
  • Take over the front-page of Reddit!

With love (And Waffles)

(And the kind support of my partner Greg Kim, who wrote the Backend!)

  • Jordan (aka fluffywaffles)
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