HTML5 GIFs (GIFVs) load faster and play better than the original GIF format. We wanted to make a browser extension that uses GIFVs where possible.

How it works

Our extension finds links to GIFs on your current webpages and checks if a GIFV with a similar link exists. If so, it will automatically update the original link to the better GIFV file.

Challenges I ran into

Unfortunately, updating images on the webpage itself (rather than just links to images) caused GIFVs not to show at all, so we've had to disable this for now. We were also intending to make a Firefox extension, but the process was more convoluted than for Chrome or Safari. Finally, we were having trouble with the extension detecting multiple links to the same GIF on a page and only checking if the equivalent GIFV existed once.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our extension works on both Chrome and Safari (we tested it on Reddit). It only uses Javascript, and should be fairly easy to port to other modern web browsers. It also supports dynamic webpages and will update links added after the page loads.

What I learned

This our first time experience creating significant browser extensions. We also learned about Javascript too.

What's next for Jiffy Extension

Overcoming the challenges we ran into and adding those features to the extensions would be nice.

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