Due to the increasing level of insecurity and poor emergency response time, the need for improvement in the response time of security agencies arises.

Imagine a 6-year-old boy Ade, who follows his parents to the park and then he gets lost while playing. He cannot locate his father or mother

Consider a situation where an individual is in danger of been kidnapped or abducted. How do people know he or she is in danger? How are the person's whereabouts known?

What it does

The device sends the location of an individual in danger to our database and also contact people that are related to the individual.

How we built it

We used the Arduino IDE and board, GPS and Gsm module, OLED. We also created a server with Django.

Challenges we ran into

  • Making the hardware components function.
  • Making the hardware components communicate.
  • Making the server gets data from the hardware.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting the GPS and Gsm module to send necessary data with the control of a button.
  • Making server get input from the hardware.

What we learned

What it means to work as a team

What's next for Jido-Tags

  • Miniaturize our device to fit just like a wrist watch
  • Multi-message and multi call
  • Using gathered data to identify trends from which our future model can predict areas of likely danger. This is to say our model can predict the probability of a place being exposed to human danger quickly
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