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We are foreigners who have recently settled in Toronto. It was unnecessarily difficult for us to find a place to rent because of :

  • Uncertain identity of owners on existing platforms like Kijiji, Craigslist
  • Shortage of local currency holdings
  • Lack of proofs to prove identities such as credit scores, income, and reference in Canada

What is Jibse?

It helps tenants and owners make a worry-free lease contract without knowing each other.

🙋‍♀️ As an owner,

  • I can post a place I want to rent out at any price and for any period I want using cryptocurrency.
  • I can check the transaction histories of applicants to prevent fraud.
  • I can easily check the payment status of current tenants.

🙋‍♂️ As a tenant,

  • I can ensure if the owner is a trustworthy person by reading reviews of rooms.
  • I can pay a deposit and rent using cryptocurrency.
  • I can get evidence on the network without having to write a separate contract.
  • I can set up auto-payment.

What this platform offers

  • Transparency and reliability of both owner and tenant by publishing all transactions into the Ethereum network
  • Convenience and practicality by using cryptocurrencies especially paying a deposit from overseas before moving into a country
  • Equality by giving the "ownership" of their own payment history on Jibse to determine reliability instead of relying on bank credit score, income proof, reference, etc

How we built it

Please refer to the Jibse repository.

Challenges we ran into

  • Backend
    • Enable communication between smart contracts (-> Interface and a contract address)
    • Implement self-executable smart contracts (-> Chainlink Keepers)
  • Frontend
    • Convert eth and wei to allow the user to enter floating-point numbers (-> ethers.utils.parseEther)
    • State management (-> useContext in wrapper components and stored data from smart contracts)
    • Define user flow

What's next for Jibse

  • Adapt to Layer2 rollups
  • Accept stable coins
  • Integrate with NFT
  • Introduce a robust score system
  • Improve auto-payment system
  • Add price graph for each room
  • Build a bidding system
  • Integrate with Google map (allow any location)
  • Commertial use

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