“Intrigued by concept and inspired by presentation” The idea of a robot that becomes part of your everyday social life is a very interesting and new concept. It was motivating to see the presenter’s enthusiasm for the robot. Being able to further integrate the new technology Jibo provides, with the data a fitbit provides seemed obvious. With the integration between the two, people can be healthier and happier.

What it does

Jibo will act as a fitness coach. It can reveal the number of steps left to go in a day, to meet your goal. Jibo can tell you your heart rate. Jibo can also keep track of the number of hours slept.

How we built it

Once we were provided the access key. A series of API calls were made to cache the data. The Jibo SDK was installed and relayed the information from fitbit's api to Jibo. Then when using the voice command, “sync my fitbit” it will relay the information

Challenges we ran into

The API for fitbit was secured by OAuth2.0. The process to use their API involved making an http request in order to get an authentication key. Then the authentication key was used to get an access key which has an expiration period of only 10 minutes unless otherwise specified.

What we learned

The process of gaining access to API’s with OAuth2.0 security.

What's next

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