Inspiration: Wanted to create a better tool to find the ideal hiking location, with the ability to see important information at a glance, and get additional details if needed to plan the trip in an easy to read format.

What it does: JHYR automatically shows a list of all recognized hiking locations in the lower mainland - providing you important information at a glance, and the ability to narrow down a set of trails, or an individual trail with Search or Filters

Challenges we ran into: Getting independent components to work together; git broke.

Accomplishments we're proud of: Being able to create a fully functional back-end and front-end with a beautiful design to create an incredibly simple yet powerful tool to find the best way to engage with nature.

What we learned: Programming languages.

What's next for JHYR: Adding more powerful filtering systems to create a faster and more powerful user experience. May add additional functionality for users to engage with specific trails or their specific collection of trails.

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