I was trying out different file managers on linux, and found all of the gui ones to be exceptionally terrible. The terminal based options were convenient, but tended to be slow or have ridiculous configuration.

What it does

basic file manager (navigate directories, copy/delete files, etc.)

How we built it

I wrote it in c with ncurses for the terminal ui

Challenges we ran into

C is a simple language, however this means you have to write everything yourself, which is not ideal with a limited time frame. Strings in particular were a challenge due to how cumbersome they are.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

got it done

What we learned

I learned to use the ncurses library and experienced c programming more in depth.

What's next for jfm

better user interface, split windows, vim-like state machine input handling, cross platform, rewrite in c++, user configuration

Built With

  • c
  • ncurses
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