Famous apps like Tumblr and Pinterest inspired us to make our app. However we wanted to give it a more traditional blog like appearance.

What it does

This app is a basic prototype of a blogging app, with features like real-time commenting on a post

How we built it

The app was designed using Figma and then developed using BravoStudio with Airtable database and Zapier as the API.

Challenges we ran into

This challenge was difficult for us since we had a lot of different ideas for implementing this UI and were pretty clueless as to what were the best practices for making them on Figma (being first-timers) Last but not the least, pushing & retrieving data from the Airtable database through an API (Zapier) to allow the users to post comments on the blog

What's next for Jevelin App

To make all the dummy posts fully functional and to add proper user authentication. To improve user interaction by implementing a 'like' button.

Built With

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