A one-way flight across the Atlantic from New York City to London emits one ton of carbon dioxide per passenger. We were extremely shocked at the environmental costs one person could make on the environment and thought about informing users through an online tool to help them better understand their emissions.

Additionally, due to COVID-19, there have been 40% less flights world-wide, and this has decreased carbon emissions on a global scale, but what happens after travel bans are lifted? Individuals will go back to flying, but is it all necessary especially with the increase in online meetings and this increase in virtual spaces.

What it does

Jetstream, _ named after an airplane's footprint _, helps frequent fliers and casual fliers better understand their emissions and work towards offsetting them. It's an online tool that users can enter in a start and end destination to calculate carbon emissions and fuel usage. The results are then displayed in understandable user-friendly metrics.

The dashboard then focuses on education, offsetting and advocacy, building a change from the bottom up.

Users can then choose to donate a calculated dollar amount based on their carbon emission calculation to a local tree planting society.

To find out more check out our online video demonstration!

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