I've been building apps since the apple opened its app store for my ventures and for customers. Over the years this process was always cumbersome and expensive and if I needed a custom app for my internal work needs, most of the time it was waiting in the bottom of the list of the IT department. Apps. There is so much behind them, the backend, the UI, the data, submitting for Apple or Google approval. And design and development. Not cheap. Quality is not certain.

When I was looking at boards, automation and integrations and the app platform I understood what how this can be a true no-code platform to build work web apps that can be used by employees and other stakeholders and wouldn't require any resource. This blew my mind.

What it does

Jetpack Editor takes board data and lets you create a full-blown webapp that can be distributed among team members, customers and partners. Jetpack takes work OS to the next level by enabling users to build web apps that fit their use cases and workflows - For salespeople that are on the go and need a convenient UI to see data and report. Employees that would like to build mall apps that help internal communication, for Event planners that not just use to plan the event but also to share event schedule and details with the event-goers. the sky is the limit.

What's next for Jetpack apps

We will launch Jetpack apps on marketplace as a public app.

We see Jetpack apps as an important piece in turning boards and workflows into SOLUTIONS that combine the boards as back office and the web app as a front-facing tool. Creating a new value to users.

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