Inspiration: Millions of people fly using Jet Blue for visiting loved ones, making new business connections and supporting military and veterans. We thought this would be a great way to give back by helping this great company use the power of crowd sourced data to better inform their decisions. Whether it be the design of their seating arrangements, meal choices or regional concerns, our application allows for any company to see the metrics that matter most, from a pool of millions of data points. Using natural language processing and a powerful web scrapper, we can turn what seemed like a dense forest of confusing, into a sharpened tool for Jet Blue.

We first use APIs for reddit and twitter to query posts and tweets related to JetBlue. Then we analyze the texts using the NLP tools from google cloud service and compare the sentiment with other attributes on the posts such as likes and location. We then present these data on a .net front end.

Challenges I ran into

What's next for JetBlueCRS

JetBlueCRS has a wide future including an array of opportunities in Dashboard, tool and business module display formatting! It could be the key central unit for both reporting information for JetBlues as well visually displaying it for external as well as internal business use.

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