The remote control of the car is intended specifically to help those with disability, or other restrictions in movement, to play with their pet from a fixed place with a toy more dynamic than the classic laser pointer.

What it does

JERRY is an RC car and toy for cats. Attached to its tail is a small snack for the cat (Tom, if you will). Users control JERRY from the comfort of their chair, bed, and practically anywhere that is comfortable and suitable for their needs, and monitors from their computer.

How we built it

This cat-entertaining vehicle is made with a foam-board chassis and hot glue. It is powered by a LiPo battery and runs on two DC motors controlled with a RC circuit board and an H-bridge motor driver. The video feed is sent from the camera via a 5.8ghz video transmitter to the computer where it is displayed on the monitor.

Challenges we ran into

We initially struggled with getting the cat to follow the car, perhaps because of the unfamiliar look. We mitigated this by attaching a small treat to prompt the cat to follow it.

What's next for JERRY

Mitigating the problem with JERRY’s speed was difficult, given our current time and resources. This would be something we can improve on by using a larger base for stability and a stronger, more balanced exterior created through CAD. Along with the speed, we would work on designing a more friendly exterior, if given time.

*We have no git repository as our project required no programming. All components of JERRY were assembled during the hacking period. Our working base with edit history is our team google drive folder and documents, which can be provided if needed.

Built With

  • dc-motors
  • h-bridge
  • lipo-battery
  • rc-circuit
  • video-transmitter
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